Portable digital 3-channel ECG machine with modern design. Easy to use with a membrane keyboard. ECG data storage. Automatic ECG data interpretation. Built-in battery and automatic switch-over of power supply. Built-in thermal printer. Data transmission to PC.

Portable digital 3-channel electrocardiograph

  • Modern design
  • Folding LCD display 320×240mm
  • 3-channel representation of all 12 leads simultaneously
  • Flexible printing solutions
  • Built-in high resolution thermal printer
  • Built-in rechargable Li-ion battery, AC/DC power supply
  • Well designed touch panel
  • Ethernet, RS-232, USB connection to PC Data transmission
  • Automatic ECG parameter measurement and interpritation tested with AHA/CSE/MIT databases
  • Complete digital filter, no baseline drift, AC, EMG interference
  • Baseline automatically adjustable, optimizing printing position
  • Auto/manual operation selectable
  • Lead-off detection and alarm
  • Internal storage for up to 500 ECG records






12 standard leads

Input Circuit

Floating input circuit, protection from defibrillation (optional:pace-maker detection)

Time constant


Frequency Response

0.05Hz – 150 Hz


2.5, 5, 10, 20 (mm/mV), AGC

Input Impedance

≥50MΩ (10Hz)                                  

Input Circuit Current

 ≤50 nA

Noise Level

≤12.5 µVp-p

Anti Baseline Drift



EMG-Filter: 25Hz/35Hz/45Hz/Off

DFT-Filter: 0.05Hz/0.15Hz/0.25Hz/0.32Hz/0.5Hz/0.67Hz

AC-Filter: On/Off



≥110 dB/≥115 dB                                     

Recording Mode


Safety Standarts

IEC 60601-1:2005
EN 60601-1:2006
EN 60601-1-2:2007
IEC 60601-1-2:2007

Power Supply

AC: 100 V-115 V/220 V-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery: voltage 14.8 V
  (can work about 6.5 hours)


Thermal printer

Dot structure: 384 dots/line

Dot pitch: 0.125 mm (8 dots/mm)

Dot size: 0.125mm x 0.12mm

Printing density

8 dots per mm / 200 dots per inch (amplitude axes)
40 dots per mm / 1000 dots per inch (time axes, @ 25 mm/s)

Record paper

80mm x 30m                   (rolled thermal paper)

80mm×70mm×200pages (folded thermal paper)          

Paper speed

5; 6.25;10;12.5;25;50mm/s ± 3%        


290x 220x85 mm±2mm




320x240 pixels LCD-Interface

External Input/Output

Input: ≥ 100kΩ; Sensitivity 10mm/V ± 5%

Output: ≤ 100kΩ Sensitivity 1V/mV±5%

Communication interface

RS-232, Ethernet, USB                        






Basic service