Overall length

1590 mm

Overall width

  770 mm

Overall height

1460 mm

Sleeping surface height

  810 mm

Sleeping surface length

1530 mm

Sleeping surface width

  660 mm




Backrest elevation angle

0 - 75°

Knee gatch elevation angle

0 - 40°

Safety load

Maximum 120 kg




Sleeping surface

ABS plastics

Head & foot frames

Wooden, PVC laminated, steel

Side rail

Aluminum, hi-low adjustable, one touch safety clip design


Single brake caster with cover, 125 mm

Safety load: 100 kg

Drainage hook

Stainless steel, a total of 6 pcs, 3 pcs on each side

IV pole

2-section adjustable length (400 mm), 2 hooks, stainless steel

IV socket

Stainless steel, a total of 4 locations

IV pole storage

Stainless steel

Basic service