• 12.1” TFT foldable touch screen display for multi-angle observation(resolution: 800×600)
  • Standard pararmater list display interface, big front
  • Suitable for antepartum and postpartum application
  • Built-in 112 mm thermal printer
  • High sensitive waterproof FHR transducer
  • 3-parameter interface, 9-parameter interface, big front interface
  • Automatic fetal status scoring system
  • Auto/manual fetal movement marker
  • Built-in battery (2 hour working time)
  • Support data storage and program upgrading by external USB disk
  • Compatible with Dixion Central Monitoring System


Standard configuration

-FHR                                -ECG

-TOCO                             -SpO2

-FM                                  -RESP

-AFM                                -PR     



Optional configuration

-Twins FHR

-Fetal stimulator

-External printer



Power Supply

100~250(V) AC, 50/60 (Hz)


Monitoring mode

diagnosis mode, care mode, operation mode


NIBP mode - adult, pediatric, neonate

NIBP method: manual, automatic

Printing mode

real-time printing, recall printing, partial printing, print all



Heart rate measurement range: ±0.5mV~±3mV Heart rate display range: 30bpm~250bpm

Scanning speed: 12.5mm/s, 25mm/s, 50mm/s; error: ≤10%


Measurement range:

Adult: 7 times/ min.~120 times/ min

newborn/ children: 7 times/ min.~150 times/ min


Measurement range: 0℃~50℃

SpO2 Monitoring

Monitoring range: 70%~100%

Fetal Monitoring

Working mode: pulse wave

Probe working frequency: 1.0MHz±10%

 FHR measuring range: 50bpm~210bpm

TOCO measuring range: 0~100%


USB port

AC power supply socket

RS 232 port

RJ45 port



Net Weight












Basic service