Overtone 6530 is a fetal and observation monitor for monitoring mother and child before, during and after child birth. Contrary to ordinary fetal monitors, this monitor can also be used for checking such parametres as ECG, oxygen content, and body temperature of a pregnant woman.



  • 12.1” folding TFT touch screen display for multi-angle observation
  • Standard parameter list interface, big front
  • Built-in 112 mm paper width thermal printer
  • High sensitive waterproof FHR transducer
  • Intelligent 3-level audio/visual alarm
  • Automatic fetal status scoring system
  • Auto/manual fetal movement marker
  • 120 hours full data rewiew, 1 hour voice storage
  • Power-off data protection for 300 cases
  • FHR signal strength indicator, twins cross channel verification
  • Support data storage and program upgrading by external USB disk
  • Compatible with Dixion Central Monitoring System



Standard configuration





-Thermal printer

-Built-in battery (2 hours working time) 


Optional configuration

-Twins FHR

-Fetal stimulator

-External printer




Power supply


100~250 V, 50/60 Hz

Display screen (touch screen)

12.1” LCD display is applied to display waveform, menu, alarm and various parameter values

Fetal Monitoring

Working mode: pulse wave

FHR measuring range: 50bpm~210bpm

FHR measurement precision: ±2bpm

TOCO measuring range: 0~100%

TOCO measuring nonlinearity error: ±8%





Printing mode

real-time printing (freeze printing)

Probe working frequency





Recording speed: 25mm/s

Amplitude-frequency characteristics:

 diagnosis mode: 0.05~130Hz    

 monitor mode: 0.5~40Hz

 operation mode: 1~20Hz



USB port

AC power supply socket

RS 232 port

RJ45 port



Net Weight

5 kg







Basic service