Infant incubator BabyGuard 1-1120 for intensive care is air-temp, skin-temp, air humidity and oxygen concentration servo-controlled by a micro-computer. Its graphic display represents all trends, which allows the doctor to make 'at-a-glance' assessment of the environment inside the incubator. The infant incubator is equipped with a special air circulation system inside the apparatus which minimizes the flow in the hood environment. The automatic curtain reduces the heat loss. The double-walled hood conserves the heat for 2 hours.





  • Air temperature and skin temperature servo-control
  • Air humidity servo-control
  • Oxygen concentration servo-control (optional)
  • Double-walled hood
  • Basic stand on wheels and with brakes
  • Built-in weigh scales (optional)
  • 3 drawers for belongings and shelves for additional equipment
  • IV stand
  • Side windows of the chamber are equipped with transparent leaves and flexible sleeves.
  • Front access window with iris diaphragm
  • Smooth bassinet adjustment
  • X-ray film cassette
  • Electronic control
  • Film control keyboard
  • Large LCD display reflects real skin and air temperature, set air temperature, heating, graphic trends (up to 48 hours)
  • 9-alarm option
  • RS-232 interface for distance control
  • Vertical height adjustment stand

Temperature servo-control


Air temperature control range

25 - 37 °C (temperature override mode to 37 - 39 °C)

Skin temperature control range

34 - 37 °C (temperature override mode to 37 - 38 °C)

Temperature rise time

40 min

Humidity control range

0 - 90 %

Water container capacity

1.2 l

1 container hour of service

up to 12 hours

Oxygen concentration measuring range

0 - 99 %

Oxygen concentration control range

20 - 60 %

Inclination of the bassinet

± 8°

Air movement rate (inside the hood)

< 0.2 m/s

Noise level (inside the hood)

≤ 45 dB


Power failure 
Airflow failure
Air temperature sensor failure
Skin temperature sensor failure
Temperature sensor deviation
High temperature sensor failure
High or low skin temperature
High or low humidity level
High or low oxygen concentration level

Power supply

220 - 230 V, 50 - 60 Hz


1110mm×710mm×888mm (Maion body)

1029mm×697mm×826mm (Cabinet)

Gross Weight

70kg (Main Body)

80kg (Cabinet)

Basic service