New neonatal option for Aeros 4800

Category: Dixion-News

We are glad to inform our clients that ventilators Aeros 4800 are available now with the neonatal option, which includes:

- Spontaneous Breathing Trials (SBT) – a new lung function used to help assess the patient’s dependence on positive pressure ventilation (not available in USA/Canada)

- PV Maneuver – used to calculate upper and lower inflection points for adults

- Neonate Mode includes:

- Default Alarm limits appropriate for the Neonate

- Ventilation modes available in Neonatal Mode are PCV and PSV

- Tidal Volume Range: 0 - 4000 ml

- Tidal Volume Resolution: 1 ml

- Minimum Pinsp is 1 cmH2O

Aeros 4800 is suitable for infants (with extremely low birth weight  ≥500gr), children, adults